Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Use of Twitter

The innovative and direct use of social media.  The Prime Minister of India has been using the social media for many years. The social media was used in its last Lok Sabha election at the grand level. Apart from the political campaign and gaining the public support in elections, Mr Modi has been very creative in using the social media for other purposes like social and economic developmental issues. It was in the news that CEO of Twitter Mr Costolo met with Mr Modi and Modi asked his support to use Twitter in government scheme like “ Swatch Bharat Abhiyan” and “ Save Daughter and Educate Daughter” campaign. This indicate the how the social could be used as an effective tool to promote the social governance issue in a comprehensive manner. Further, he sought the use of twitter in the promotion of india’s potentials as a “Tourist ‘ destination across the world. The it has been attempted  to use the social media to connect the people around the work by leveraging its reach and access to billions of people. Mr Modi also tried to deliberate its use to promotion of international Yoga Day. 

Later, Prime Minister tweeted about their encounter. "Wonderful meeting you @dickc! Had a fruitful discussion on several issues," he posted. According to recent surveys, Twitter accounts for 17 per cent of the total social network users in India, with 22.2 million people using the micro-blogging site.

Thus, please think over…what are the other left over areas where the microblogging tool could be potentially used? We have just seen, it could be used in social and economic development. But the question is what are the specific areas? This is the good research areas not only for public sector but also for non-profit sector where the billion of people could be directly benefited by use of this wonderful growing media. 

Looking Forward your views and valuable comments in this regard.

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