Friday, April 24, 2015

Volunteerism and Social Media

Using social networks to engage those around the community to volunteer, spread awareness or donate can be very vital when it comes to nonprofit organization. Social media is a great way for users to broadcast what they are passionate about and it is up to the nonprofit to find those users and introduce them to their mission.

Building relationships with “followers” not only builds relationships with that follower, but also adds an entire new audience when this follower starts to share the content posted by the organization. Most people like to volunteer in groups so allowing them the opportunity to recruit volunteers for you is key. Making volunteering a fun and bonding experience for those that attend will drive more volunteers to the organizations. Posting pictures of volunteers on social media also gives the space for those volunteers to share all the fun they had at the organization.

Volunteers are highly depended on due to the constraints of the budgets that nonprofits have to deal with, so recruiting people with talents that can lessen the strain on nonprofits can be most beneficial. Volunteers can spread the great things that your organization does which could bring potential sponsorships and other donations. Social media can be the springboard for gathering talent especially when it comes to curating content. Volunteers can be used as a catalyst for converging disparate content and supplying it to nonprofits so they can disseminate the information that pertains to their mission. Social media brings together the mission, vision, and its volunteers with the click of a button.

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