Monday, April 6, 2015

Timing issue in social media use

When engaging in social media and how following the influx of posts is one of the important issues for organizations. Tim Fullerton, Director of Digital Strategy at U.S. Department of the Interior and one of the guest speakers in our class, said, “time is crucial” while sharing his experiences on social media. It is hard to control whole traffic on social media, but timely and scheduled posts can help to build up a sustainable and manageable communication between the institution and its audience. How do we know what is the best time for posting on social media?

AddThis, a social media marketing company, found that best posting times are 2pm-3pm on Fridays for Twitter, 9am-12pm on Thursdays for Facebook, 1pm-2pm on Wednesdays for Pinterest, and 10am-11am on Tuesdays for LinkedIn. To determine the best times for posting, it is important to figure out the times people engage social media. According to AddThis, users share mostly in the morning and clicking mostly in the afternoon on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, while engaging Pinterest in the evening.

However, there are different time and day sets of various resources, including and for best and worst time of posting on social media networks. According to an infographic of SurePayroll’s blog, best posting times are 1pm-4pm for Facebook, 1pm-3pm between Mondays and Thursdays for Twitter, around noon and 5 pm between Tuesdays and Thursdays for LinkedIn, and Saturday mornings for Pinterest.  

Tim Fullerton mentioned that they share contents certain times in the morning and evening during the day. Besides having a scheduled time for daily posts, it is important to know where to post. There are different peak and rock bottom times for different social media tools. To increase social media engagement and to attract more audience require organizations to know when and where to post. Thus, it can be useful for organizations to measure their own best posting times based on the activity, including clicking and sharing on their social media accounts. In this way, they can keep themselves updated and engage more on social media.

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