Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Social Media in Organizational Context

Thank you very much friends for sharing your valuable inputs and comments on various interesting issues. I am also tempted to share my views about the take aways i have learned from our last guest speaker. The way the social media was linked  and explained as part of the strategic planning process was really amazing. I could essentially able to visualize the grand picture about the centrality of the social use in the organizational context. Although, we might have been told earlier by the professor, since we were still under process to connect the dots, the importance of the social media in the organizational context might have been missed at that point of time.

I have no doubt to say that the speaker has been able to convey the social media maturity matrix in a convincing way. The multidimensional influence of social media starting from strategy, organizational leadership, governance and compliance, education, business adoption, technology adoption, information management and crisis management was really a great insight offered by the speaker. The organizational effectiveness could be measured in terms of use of social media in these identified areas. The integrated approach is essential to achieve the goals of the social media which was termed as ‘Maturity” level. The social media policy and strategy will not be enough ,if we want to attain the maturity level. The one-sided development will not be able to produce the organizational effectiveness and the social media could not be blamed for this failure. The situation was explained by giving the example of two organizations-organization “A” and organization “B”.  As explained and shown through graph organization “A” had made some level of progress in all these areas except ‘strategy’ area. Whereas the organization “B” had achieved progress in all areas. The organization “A” social media progress was not balanced and certainly could not termed  as ‘maturity level’ progress. The message is loud and clear that organization effectiveness require a balanced and integrated approach and all round efforts.

The second biggest take away was about the Customer expectation. The customer has noting to do about organization structure and its process. Whether the process is good or bad , how many steps are involved ,how many persons are engaged in that particular activity etc, how many divisions are to be crossed for that activity etc are the secondary importance for the customers. For him, issue relates to that particular organization as one entity and his exception is clear. He needs solution for his problems, if he/she has any. Whether social media as a fastest and interactive means of communication between organization and customer will be able to  resolve the expectation issue is the real  issue.      

Hope to get some feedback on this particular issue. Will await your responses!

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