Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Internet and Social Media Users in the World

     I found interesting survey “Digital, Social & Mobile Worldwide in 2015” which is provided by We Are Social. Ltd. This report include detailed data of 30 countries in the world which include US, Mexico and Japan.

     From this survey, half of population in the world now uses the Internet and they spent average 4.4 hours through pc and 2.7 hours through mobile. However, Japanese spend the shortest time on the Internet which is 3.1 hours through laptop and 1.5 hours through mobile. I think one reason of this is that Japan has 3rd fastest Internet connection in these countries.
     About Social media usage, Japan’s Internet penetration is 86%, however, active social media accounts’ penetration is 19% and it’s 28th in 30 countries. In addition, Japanese spend less time on social media compared with other countries. It is only 40 minutes each day and all other countries spend more than an hour and average hour is 2.4 hours.
     On the other hand, in US, Internet penetration is 87% and active social media accounts’ penetration is 58%. They spend 2 hours 43minutes for social media.
In Mexico, Internet penetration is 49%, however, active social media account’s penetration is 46%, and they spend almost 4 hours for social media each day.

    From this survey, I realized that Japan is not so active in social media compared with American countries. So when managers make social media strategy in Japan, they should consider that who is audience and how this tool is effective to achieve the organization’s goal. In order to determine organization’s object, managers should clarify the situation of social media usage. Based on different social context, we cannot just follow another companies or countries policy.


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