Friday, April 24, 2015

Social Bakers - social media statistics

Social bakers, is a Czech-based company that provides social media network statistics and analysis from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube, helping companies monitor the effectiveness of their social media campaigns. They offer analytic tools that give customers insights and enable them to monitor social media profiles, by using performance indicators to track key influencers, analyze engagement rates, measure fan growth, etc.

The platform is one of the world's leading providers of statistical data and analytics of Facebook pages, allowing getting detailed reports on the activity on any page of the world's largest social network, including the official resources of world famous brands. Customers are mainly large brands, most of them located in the US. But they are expanding their customer footprint all over the world.

It's easy to add social media accounts to see the statistics and dynamics of the pages both of their own and of other people and organizations, including competitors. To do this, it is required to input the page in social bakers. Key features and functions of this service include simultaneous monitoring of several pages, easy access to all the necessary statistics and customizable interface.

Inputting a page is pretty easy, it only needs to type the name of a page or a person in the search box and the system will find and offer several pages at social media to include into the system for monitoring - Facebook, Twitter or others. Next, select the count and select industry. Industry has several under names, and so it is required to be specific group. For example, if you are inputting a page of local government, first choose Society, and then choose Governmental in the menu. Last click you have to make on Monitor this page. Then you will see a message that your request has been sent, and after a few hours you can see the statistics of this page and compare with other similar pages.

It is very easy and convenient to see the rating of social media across countries and industries. Here is snapshot of the US governmental organization’s Facebook accounts, based on the number of fans.

In order to better understand about Social bakers, open an account and try it online  at . This is a really good tool for analyzing social media, planning and management of one’s own marketing campaigns


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