Friday, April 24, 2015

Social Media in Kyrgyzstan

Image result for social mediaSocial networking has rapidly become an important part of our social life. It reveals the world to a man, and a man to the world. Various tools of social media eliminate interpersonal barriers and provide unlimited opportunities for communication. Today people are experiencing inevitable changes in the way they communicate with each other. Communications in social networks have become much more intense, time has shrunk, and we gained a quick access to the hearts and minds of people in every corner of our planet.

Social networks have become a new progressive stage in the development of not only the communication between people, but also in the fields of marketing, advertising, trade, economics, public administration. Social networks can not only work in the entertainment or commercial purposes, but also to improve the health and living standards. Most importantly, they are increasingly affecting the decisions to acute social problems of mankind.

Today, the number of Internet users is exceeding 70% of the population of Kyrgyzstan. According to, the top 10 most visited websites in Kyrgyzstan include 6 popular social media tools.
  • ·
  • · – Russian site for classmates
  • · – Kyrgyz web-forum and social media site
  • ·         My world, – Russian site
  • · -
  • · – Russian version of Facebook
These 6 SM include 2 world-known, 3 are russian sites, and only one of them is local kyrgyz website. Twitter and Instagram attendance rate is at only 26 and 28 respectively.

Social networks in Kyrgyzstan are mostly used for communication with family, friends, regardless of age. Government agencies have recently started using SM. Most of them launched their pages in social networks, but there are no special programs on implementation of social media in the Government as a mean of communication and public engagement, as it is common in the United States.


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