Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"The unstoppable rise of social media as a source for news"

Nowadays social media is not only a tool for social networking. It is rising as one of the important sources to get information and news. According to a survey of more than 2,000 Americans by Deloitte, young people are getting news from social media.  
In total result, social media platform doesn’t seem to be a powerful source. TV is still the most popular news platform. But the younger age groups are tend to rely more on social media. Especially, for the group aged 14 to 25, the rate of TV and social media is 28% and 26% respectively. The prediction of Quartz that “if these trends hold up, TV may soon surrender its historic position as the dominant cultural medium in the United States” seems to come true.

(It’s GIF. The chart is changing.)

The social media is also affecting the journalists. According to another survey conducted by ING, 45% of journalists putting out 60% to 100% of what they publish as soon as possible – without checking facts – and correct later if necessary. And the rise of the social media is expected to foster this trend. As more and more journalists are gathering information from social media, they will do more crowd-checking rather than fact-checking.
One of the concerns from these two trends is that young people may be easily affected by unreliable source on social media. Due to its flexible and efficient format, people feel easier to express their opinions or post the things whether it is correct or not on social media. And by just clicking like or retweet, the news will be spread very quickly.

So young folks, doubt before you retweet. And journalists, check twice before you post.

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