Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hootsuite's Global Ambassador Program

Our last guest speaker in this semester was Dr. William Ward, Hootsuite's Director Strategy and Social Media (SM). He is also adjunct professor of SI Newhouse School of Communication at Syracuse University. One of the questions which we couldn’t raise during the class due to time limit was about Global Ambassador Program of Hootsuite. As we have social media enthusiasts and computer geeks in our class, I think it would be useful to elaborate a little bit this program here. What I found about this program is below.

·        According to HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes, global ambassador program was the second main instrument, after fermium, that brought a rapid and inexpensive growth in its earlier period.[1] The program was initiated first in 2012 and expanded in 2014. While having 140 ambassador in 37 countries in 2013, Hootsuite reached 638 Ambassadors and 56 countries in 6 months after relaunching the program in 2014.

·        The program provides opportunities for participants to engage in broader networks, to meet with social media enthusiast from different countries, to gain various experiences of social media management and to introduce their expertise in social media business.

·        How does the Ambassador Program work? Volunteers apply the program for at least three months preiod. Hootsuit team evaluates the applicants and chooses new ambassadors. Hootsuite seeks ambassadors who have expertise and great network in social media sector.

·        Hootsuite expects from Global Ambassadors to “advocate its products, share content to their existing networks, provide regional insight and product feedback, create a stronger regional presence for Hootsuite both online and offline”.[2]

·        In return, Hootsuite gives following prizes for participants of the program; “Free access to Hootsuite University and a discount towards the Newhouse Advance Social Media Strategy Certificate, 3 Months free access to Hootsuite Pro and exclusive Hootsuite Ambassador swag and promotions, Gain credibility by adding the position to your work history and being featured on the Hootsuite social media channels.”[3]

·        Dr. Ward stated that Hootsuite is considered as something more than a social media management platform. I think Global Ambassador program is actually one of the evidences of Hootsuite’s broad functionalities. Hootsuite uses a pulling and networking tactic by gathering brand advocates to promote Hootsuite’s global network and engagement.



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