Friday, April 24, 2015

Twitter to block abusive accounts

There has been trend to post abusive comments on the social media. Now Twitter has decided to block those accounts that have posted abusive comments. Twitter has revisited is violent threat policy which will include now “threats of violence against others or promoting violence against others", as against the earlier policy of "direct and specific" threats of violence.  Twitter authorities have admitted that its previous policy was narrow and it was limited only to act on certain kind of threatening behaviour. As per the decision of the authorities they will ask the person to first delete the tweets. If the person is not able to do so his/her account will be blocked. They are also introducing a product feature that would identify the suspected tweets and limit their reach. However, it will not affect the ability of the individual to see the tweets, which they desire or they are following. Often celebrities and famous personalities receive abusive posts on the various social media platform. Further, many people due to this abusive threat avoid expressing themselves. The twitter has taken a step in right direction but how effective it would be can’t be said. On the individual front the best way to deal with abusive post is not to respond to the post. Once the poster realizes that you do not bother to the post he/she may ultimately lose his/her interest.  However, if any person believes that he is in physical danger then in that case the best way to report local authorities with proofs such as print outs of the post, screen shots etc. Always keep the things documented. 


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