Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Today we had the pleasure of Welcoming Dr William Ward of Hootsuite to our Social Media class today.  I got a lot out of his presentation as he stressed how an organtiztion's social media policy MUST be fully in alignment with the org mission and vision.  The tools of Social Media which are familiar to most users are just that: tools.  They are just the tip of the iceberg that are visible to users outside of the organization.  Below the surface, there are many organizational imperatives that should guide the use of social media.  A few notes from the presentation are below:

Hootsuite—Dr William Ward

Pioneer of using social media.

Hootsuite is a Social media management tool.  Features a SM Dashboard.  11 million users

Freemium model

1700+ Enterprise customers

Before tactics…need a good strategy which must be in alignment with your org mission.

Strategic Foundation
·      Strategy
·      Crisis Management
·      Education Org Leadership
·      Info Management
·      Tech adoption
·      Gove and compliance
·      Business Adoption

Review of Social Media Policy and Social Media Maturity Matrix.

Weave SM throughout the fabric of org through a unified strategy used by all employees to improve customer relationships and experiences.

Improved communication and collaboration Could add 1.3 mil to annual economy; raise knowledge worker productivity 20-25%.

Explained the difference between Digital—Tools and Tech vs. Social—Skillsets

SM can cross cut across the enterprise to break down silos and encourage more collaboration.  Creates an alignment around SM and the “Social Media Consumer.”

Improve customer awareness and customer experience via SM as it weaves through the branding and sales & marketing process.

Top challenges in becoming a Social Org
·      Alignment of SM throughout all org departments
·      Gaining Buy-in among execs and leadership team
·      Designing an overall strategy for digital transformation
·      Educating employees on how to use social media
·      Assessing the effectiveness of social media activities—Measuring ROI

Strategic planning process and how it relates to integrated developing a comprehensive SM policy
·      Vision Mission
·      Situational Analysis (SWOT)
·      Objectives Key Performance Initiatives (KPI)
·      Strategy
·      Plan/Budget
·      Monitoring Measurement (ROI)

Social Media Maturity Matrix (heuristic model) to analyze and measure SM integration in an organization.

Create a comprehensive analytical report to give an org a snapshot of where they are, and then provide a roadmap to aid them in getting where they want to be.

Solutions Overview:

·      Social Assessment and strategy
·      Social Governance and Policy
·      Training and education
·      Launch Services
·      Integration and Development
·      Crisis Simulation and Social Audit (Fire drill Exercise—how do all of the teams react and coordinate during a simulated crisis.)

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