Monday, October 12, 2015

Online Portal for Community’s Participation

The Government of India has launched to promote the participation of Indian citizens in the governance and development of the country. Through this site users are allowed to discuss and to contribute on various government projects and plans. The users are also allowed to upload the documents in various formats.
On there are various pre-defined groups like Girl Child Education, Digital India, Job Creation, Green India etc. The users can subscribe up to four groups and with which they may remain engaged. The objective of the group is to bring positive changes to the relevant area with people's participation. In each group, users are provided with two domains, 'Do' and 'Discuss'. The 'Do' section includes both online and on-ground tasks for which contributors may assign themselves. The 'discuss' section may be used for discussing different relevant issues affecting the nation. It may also be used for providing vital information regarding the topic and also suggest and propose new ideas.
As per the information available on the web site there are 1.32 M registered users, 135.93 K submissions in 243 tasks, 675.42 K comments in 342 discussion and 84 blogs. 
I consider as community as through this the citizens can express (discuss) their views online on policies, programs and matters of national interest. Citizens can also collaborate (do tasks) on key areas of development and governance. 

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