Monday, October 5, 2015

Social Media content strategy at Ayojak

The Ayojak case we discussed in the class highlighted the role of appropriate social media content strategy for attaining organizational goals.
Ayojak was an online event management product solution that offered services for both event hosts and event attendees. The company had two operational products: Ayojak Ticketing and Ayojak Social Meets, and was looking to add two additional products: Ayojak Conference and Ayojak Event Promote. Ayojak used Facebook, Twitter and a corporate blog as its primary social media platforms. Ayojak relied on use of social media for its business promotion heavily, therefore it should have made the most of opportunities that social media offers for connecting to the clients.
However, the use of social media was mostly for promoting its client’s events. And also, if we look closely at the Ayojak’s content strategy it is very clear that they were mostly using Pushing Content tactics. Other available social media tactics that are Pulling, Networking and Customer Service were hardly used.
This was a mistake on the part of Ayojak in a way that it downplayed the brand of Ayojak and it led to spamming the users having diverse interest with event updates about events irrelevant to them.
The company outsourced the management of these platforms to a Noida based social media agency. That was a debatable strategy, the Social Media as a tool has to be used for connecting to your clients. The company outsourced the social media platforms to agency, who had little insight about the event management industry.
With new products being launched, and desire to engage large size clients, the content media strategy of Ayojak definitely need a review.
We would recommend that for Ayojak should:-
i.                    Review its decision to outsource the Social Media activities.
ii.                 To focus on large clients, they should desist from broadcasting everything to their clients. They should develop demographic data and engage clients on their interest areas only.
iii.               Not to promote other organizers events on its own social media platform, to protect its own identity, and retain customer interest.
iv.               Differentiate between marketing an event and marketing the content about Ayojak on the social media platform.
Note:- This is a group posting on behalf of Ritesh Kavdia, Min Hyoung Kim and Anand Kumar Singh.


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