Monday, October 19, 2015

The mobile app SeeClickFix

The mobile app SeeClickFix connects citizens and leverages the technology that they are already using—smartphones. SeeClickFix offers custom buttons, allowing a citizen to quickly and easily add all sorts of services to the mobile app SeeClickFix. All city-related information can be posted through the app. Furthermore, because it connects directly to the SeeClickFix platform, our mobile app gives us a powerful tools for submitting services requests. It is working on multiplatform like ios, android and windows phone. The content, which is presented to citizens, is completely controllable based on his or her current location. That sounds abstract but it’s really very simple. With  SeeClickFix mobile app, we can automatically present the post the information, request types and questions that are required by these specific departments. This ensures that for any given location, SeeClickFix will get the right information to the right departments while making the process amazingly simple for the citizens involved. It is very useful to draw attention of various Government Departments on Civic amenities.

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  1. I've also used the app. I'll write my experience in the blog.