Sunday, October 11, 2015

Online Community: Facebook Group "Irgednwas mit Medien" (Something with Media)

As I started my undergraduate studies in Augsburg in 2010 I joined the „Irgendwas mit Medien“ group on Facebook which is dedicated to students who have a particular interest in mass communication and mass media or want to pursue a career in that certain field of work in the future.
The Facebook group was founded by a student form Augsburg University back in 2009, who was looking for like-minded people with the aim to be able to discuss current events in the media world. Since then 145 other members of the University of Augsburg have joined the group „Irgendwas mit Medien“ with have a common interest: Something with the media. The Facebook group provides a place to share and discuss interesting or controversial news from mass media and current trends. Every member of this group is encouraged to share her or his thought on the discussed topic and every opinion is treated with respect. The Facebook group has decided to establish a few rules in order to prevent any disputes. Hence, insulting other people or sharing inappropriate content is forbidden. In addition, alongside internship and job offers, interesting media events are posted thus giving the members the chance to interact outside of Facebook in the offline world.
The group also provides assistance when it comes any kind of issues such as questions relating to media- and communication studies or the arduous search for an apartment in Augsburg/Munich. The members of the group are always willing to help and usually respond to each post.

I consider this group to be an online community because its members interact on a regular basis with each other on this platform by communicating, exchanging thoughts and helping each other out. As in a community the  "Irgendwas mit Medien" group provides a certain set of rules which has to be followed. Although I do not know every single one of them personally I have been able to engage in great conversations with other members and learn a a lot from them. I think that the common interest in mass media creates a certain sense of community and Facebook provides an adequate platform for it to exist and grow.

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