Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ayojak - Social Media Content Strategy

Note- This is posted on behalf of group of Ritesh Kavdia, Min Hyoung Kim and Anand Kumar Singh
The Ayojak is a very interesting and informative case study which highlights that the social media strategy has to start well before going on to have social media tactics. The organization’s mission and goals have to be spelt out first before going on to use the social media platforms for organizational purpose so that the use of social media as a tool is specifically oriented towards the objectives of the organization, to derive desired results.
Ayojak was the flagship, online event management product solution that offered services for both event hosts and event attendees. The company had two operational products: Ayojak Ticketing and Ayojak Social Meets, and was looking to add two additional products: Ayojak Conference and Ayojak Event Promote. Ayojak used Facebook, Twitter and a corporate blog as its primary social media platforms. However, the use of social media was mostly for promoting its client’s events.
The company outsourced the management of these platforms to a Noida based social media agency. Ayojak used each of these platforms in distinctly different ways: Facebook was used to promote events and create awareness regarding Ayojak’s products; Twitter was used to promote events, interact with community members and provide customer service; and the blog was used to promote Ayojak’s products.
Despite all of their social media efforts, however, Ayojak seemed to have issues with engaging customers on these platforms and was looking forward to improve before rolling out their new products.
 In the class on Monday, we look forward to deliberate on the case and try to derive the social media content strategy, keeping in view the environment and goals of the Ayojak.


  1. Agreed Ritesh, I think the social media strategy was little bit defensive. They could not exploit the social media capabilities fully.

  2. Since myself and Fitore will be discussing about Cork'd also - wine social media network, it would be interesting to compare the two cases.