Sunday, October 11, 2015

Planned Parenthood vs Komen

When a common goal turns into a controversy in Social Media

Two organizations seek to improve women´s health and to protect their rights in the United States. Both create campaigns and raise funds each year to advance breast cancer research and to maintain and increase the supply of reproductive health services at their centers. The aim of these groups is to provide health and sexual education to all women in a vulnerable social situation.

These organizations are Planned Parenthood and Komen.

So, why if they were like “sisters” the latter decided to defund the first one? Why this decision turned into a huge national controversy in 2012? How did the two organizations manage the conflict and which was the social media tactics that they implemented to defend themselves?

On the other hand… why the abortion debate has became again a hot topic in the United States in the middle of the presidential race? Planned Parenthood is nowadays being target of criticism because of their abortion services and several investigations are questioning the organization.

We invite you to read and discuss tomorrow Planned Parenthood Case in order to answer all these questions.

Pradeep Kumar Upadhyay
Yong Choon Kim

Catalina Lara S.M.

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