Monday, October 12, 2015

Online community

Community can be defined a body of persons having a common history or common social, economic, and political interests
I am a member of many groups on facebook, one of them is a group of alumnae of  Malviya National Institute of Technology, where I graduated from in the year 1996.
The group has around 5000 members and is a useful platform where all the alumnae dispersed across the world share their views and interact. This is a network which takes one back to your golden era of life and helps bond with batch-mates and stay connected with one’s alma mater.
The online effort is complemented by an annual lunch in the month of September,  where all those who can afford being there participate.
I consider the facebook group to be a community because all the members carry a common nostalgic value with them, and have common interest in Engineering education.
I’d rather go on to say that we are gradually moving into the era where the physical distances are becoming irrelevant. One is aware and actively involved in discussion with his interest group scattered over thousands of miles, while many a times simply unaware about who lives next door.

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