Saturday, October 24, 2015

MyGov portal

In a democracy, citizen participation is one of the key components of decision making process. Indian government has last year launched an innovative platform named MyGov (available at ) to encourage citizens' engagement in decision making by the Government. This initiative is an opportunity for citizens and well-wishers from across the world to share their views on key issues. This platform empowers the citizens of India to contribute towards Good-governance.
There are multiple theme-based discussions on MyGov where a wide range of people can share their thoughts and ideas. Further, any idea shared by a contributor will also be discussed on these discussion forums, allowing constructive feedback and interaction among participants. MyGov aims to establish a link between Government and Citizens towards meeting the goal of good governance in the country. For those who wish to go beyond discussions and wish to contribute on the ground, MyGov offers several avenues to do so. Citizens can volunteer for various tasks and submit their entries. These tasks would then be reviewed by other members and experts. Once approved, these tasks can be shared by those who complete the task and by other members on MyGov platform. Every approved task would earn credit points for completing the task.
Groups and creative corners are an important part of MyGov. The platform has been divided into various groups like Clean Ganga, Green India, Job Creation, Girl Child Education, Skill Development, Digital India, Swachh Bharat (Clean India) etc. Each group consists of online and onground tasks that can be taken up by the contributors. The objective of each group is to bring about a qualitative change in that sphere through people's participation.
MyGov has integrated social media in its launched its version 2.0 with newer features such as hashtags, polls, interactive discussion forums and social media account integration.
MyGov hosts a series of competitions to engage the citizens as part of pressing issues in the country in addition to inviting suggestions for its upcoming activities and also, MyGov will make extensive use of analytics and data mining tools.
The size of members in this portal has been increasing and is now over 8 lakh members. MyGov has grown as an important medium for the government to interact directly with citizens. The government's recently launched Financial Inclusion program "Jan Dhan Yojana" was named through a contest on the MyGov portal.


  1. MyGov is a very important initiative of the Government of India for participative Governance. I was also associated with MyGov for my Department. Since the initiative is new and the Government departments are typically not accustomed to use of such platforms, the true potential of MyGov is yet to be exploited.