Friday, October 9, 2015

Do you know “Naver Band”?

Today, I would like to introduce “Naver Band (,” one the most popular Korean blogs. This is online community with people having the same interests. For the online community, Naver Band provides many functions as follows.
First, we can make our own community room online and invite any people whom room owner wants. Members of the community room can also invite their friends as long as room owner prohibits their authorities about inviting.
Second, users can chat with each other without any limitation. So they can share any files, videos as well as their stories.
Third, users can create calendar events and it will notify all your Band members about any events that you have created and alert them when the event is about to happen(
Forth, users can post their favorite videos and photos within their communities. It is really easy. You need just one click for uploading.
Fifth, Band provides mobile application like other blogs(e.g, facebook). So users can keep in touch with their friends without any limitations of time and place.

I consider Band a “community.” This is because a community should have three condition, limited place, same interest and communication with each other( In this point of view, Band provides users with their own private room and any users can invite any friends with the same interests. Moreover, members can communicate with each other through chatting, leaving videos and photos. Therefore, I think that Band meet a requirement of community.

This is an example of my Band. I have participated in three Band communities, with university friends, middle school friends and my relatives in turn from the left. Thanks to Naver Band, I can easily keep my relationships, even though my busy life.

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