Monday, December 10, 2012

Tweeter, fast communication but better?

Getting involved in tweeter culture demands speed in many ways, being quick has to be present if one really wants to understand how 140 characters can express ideas in fast and simple ways.

When I was following the presidential debate this need to be fast was more evident, while I was thinking about writing something, a quicker user thought the same and wrote in other words. From this experience, I learned to think in a more confident manner with a louder voice, and write automatically the first idea that came to my mind, without any possibility that someone could judge me –allowing me to be free and transparent.

“Real time” is the issue behind the tweet; you can systematize any experience, and elaborate hypothesis about a topic, but to share it in the moment is the more valuable element present in tweeter platform. Those ideas don’t represent a conclusion, they are only the different expressions of human thinkers, they invite us to be a part of the huge global village.

We can communicate faster in twitter, very concretely, and very resume, but is that really better? Sometimes it could cause many misunderstandings. Either extreme is not good, an excess of description or simple ideas invite us to research more; that’s the clue, to wake up an interest in the different fields flowing around cyber space.

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