Monday, December 3, 2012

Leave It in 2012

As the semester is closing so is an eventful year 2012 and If the "Maya" prediction is untrue, it will end. But the twitter is a funny new world. People are already thinking about what they missed, liked or left in 2012. The hash tag #LeaveItIn2012 is the new trending hashtag. People are commenting in droves and mostly about what they feel about different events, personalities, songs and celebrities. They then express who should leave what in 2012 and not continue it in 2013. People are expressing themselves as well as making fun through this line. For example, See the Tweets:-

 gangam style, please dear god leave it

ex boyfriend 

The worries of Fall semester and Graduate Study. 

The hash tag is getting about 40 tweets per minute and this is only the beginning of December. My prediction is that the hashtag may break the record set by the presidential debate hashtags such as #BigBird and #Debate. Let's do a quick mathematics. At this pace it's likely to get 40*60*24= 57600 tweets per day. But twitter is exponential in character which means that tweets shall increase with each coming day until 31st December or may even carry on in January 2013. So a rough estimate is that it would land more than a million tweets. A better calculation shall be around 3 million tweets. important would be the last day of the year. Will it beat the record of most tweets per minute set in the Election debates or not is hard to predict but if anything non-electoral can come near, then this is it. I invite my class to share their thoughts about 2012 here. I still haven't seen anyone from the Election Class here.

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