Monday, December 10, 2012

Buzz Worthy Media in 2012

The most buzz worthy moments of 2012 were mainly focused around social media from viral videos to election parodies.  The viral videos from YouTube created numerous celebrities such as “honey boo boo” and “Psy” who both became pop culture spectacles when their names and videos were blasted all over the internet.  The use of social media in these two cases made relatively unknown people, pop culture phenomenons, which they have been able to capitalize from.
The second most powerful buzz worthy moment as related to 2012 was the election and how the two opponents used social media for their campaigns.   The use of social media in the 2012 election was focused on the numerous blunders and parodies about the topics discussed in the debates.  The social media network was able to reach out and get people involved with this tactic.  Many people who did not have an interest in the debates and election were more likely to follow social media than the factual information from the news agencies.
In 2012, social media proved to be the most efficient manner to spread information to the largest amount of people.  As social media continues to grow and people continue to join the various forms of social media, it would seem there will be no end to what is shared on the internet.  As the year comes to end it make you wonder what will be the new trend in 2013 or who or what will become the new phenomena.   The world of social media will only continue to expand and new forms of social media that will be introduced in years to come are an excitement to hope for!

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