Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The “Dark” Future of Social Media

Nowadays, we can observe in everywhere a group of people sitting together without saying a word to each other but ‘socialize’ with using their smartphones, tablets and laptops nowadays. 'Socializing' with that kinds of tools looks like coming straight out from a science fiction movie. However the scene that people sitting together and not even talking each other looks like an anti-utopic movie.

We are not oracles that can foresee future. However we can see the situation in today`s world. Most of the time, we use our “cyber” identities instead of real ones. Because, these new identities are perfect and flawless by comparison with the real ones.

In today`s world every social media network define their users as “customers”. They pretend to be our friends but covertly they use our all shortnesses and desires to earn money.They know every information about us- generally we provide it with our own hands. Normally one would have to torture us to a certain extent to get those information, pictures and others from us. Orson Welles had foreseen the future 63 years ago(1) Now there are a lot of "Big Brothers". By the way they do not take the trouble of following us. We make ourselves followed by the help of "tiny" devices that we bought.That is so smart :) and threatening.

This perspective is viral like a pandemic also 'customers' main goal is not communicate and understand each other any more. Now it is to share more and to be liked more. We have to survive in this cruel and merciless world usually being without ourselves. Our fears, pains, struggles, heartbreaks and loves as easy as one click. When we share videos and pictures, we satisfy ourselves `cyberly`.
It does not matter if it is cyber or real world, to be conscious and to keep the balance in our lives will make us to survive  as human beings. Without these virtues,we may 'turn into this'....

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