Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Social Media and our Little Malala

When Taliban took over Swat-Malakand Region of northwest pakistan in 2008, the girls were forced to stay inside and not attend their schools. A 10 years old little girl decided to talk about her inexperience through blog writings on BBC under the Pseudonym of Gul Makai. She talked about the education and its state under Taliban and their regressive regime. When the Pakistan forces cleared the area, she became popular for her writings and people came to know that Gul Makai was actually a child of 11 years only named Malala Yousafzai. Malala shot to fame for her courage and bravery. She openly came on media and spoke against the treatment of girls under Taliban.

(Malala Receiving an award from Prime Minister)

However, Taliban had other ideas. In October 2012, Pakistani Taliban attacked her school van and killed two children. Malala was seriously injured and in critical condition. The mainstream media was in two minds, whether to speak openly against Taliban or make it a mixed story. Before they could determine the course of history, the social media has already done it. Hash Tag #Malala became the centre of social media activity and people started lambasting the television shows. they were so overwhelming in thir support taht the News Media quickly took a side. Everyone was tweeting on #Malala. Taliban still don’t have the mean to attack social media and they never will. The little girl had the sympathy of the people and she miraculously survived.

Thus, we see that social media is a great tool for freedom and democracy. A powerful minority cannot perpetuate itself on this media. The majority has a voice now which isn’t dependent upon the traditional media. We shall hear many similar stories regarding social media triumph in the days to come.  

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