Saturday, December 8, 2012

Novice vs Twitter—Round 3: For better or worse

So, the 10weeks are up and I’ve evaluated my “performance” on Twitter during this time. The verdict? I DON’T KNOW!!!

 Sounds ridiculous, but I’m truly divided on whether I’d wanna keep using Twitter in my personal time. Twitter is a tool, but it’s also almost a lifestyle. It would take much more than just “following” and “retweeting” to gain interest and get engaged, which is a VERY high “barrier to entry” for someone like myself. Yet, there is a whole new dimension to interaction and information with proper use of Twitter, and especially in today’s context of rapid information—would I really be able to remain relevant when left out of the “flow”?

An excerpt from my reflections on using Twitter:

Therefore it follows that I have come to value Twitter as a source for news from a more varied and/or my specific interest areas, regardless from official sources or simply chatter among related communities. More importantly, it is an important source for networking and information about specific topics or personalities of interest, where the latest buzz that matters can be directly gleaned off others’ tweets and messages. Twitter would enable me to directly interact with a stranger or even famous personality whom I would not ordinarily have the opportunity to encounter in person, except we are now linked on twitter via common industry, professional or recreational interest(s) and so on. Also, although I was not able to “flex any twitter muscle” in the policy arena with respect to @REACH_Singapore, I could imagine myself eventually expressing some form of opinion via their twitter account. Therefore, if used properly, twitter could be a legitimate means of having a voice with relevant public authorities or private organizations.

It would still take more practice though, for me to develop thinking or habits deft enough for more regular tweeting as I overcome the inner hurdle of caution against being too spontaneous and tweeting on every whim and fancy – sometimes with disastrous effects if picked up and/or spread into twitterverse for the wrong reasons. Having said that, I see true merit in using Twitter as a prime tool for engaging members of the public for any organization in the marketplace, public or private.  With its burgeoning popularity among internet users across the globe and increasing presence in the media and among organizations, the potential reach of a successful social media strategy that appropriately employs Twitter as a marketing tool for not one, but effective two-way communications, is boundless. As a professional in the market place, my avatar, twitter bio and links, the personalities I choose to follow, interactions I have, connections I choose and content I tweet could spell opportunities one way or the other.”

I guess using Twitter would be akin to the process of evolution—either you adapt, or you jolly well be left behind.
Round 3: Twitter. (by a very slim margin I’d have to concede :P)

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