Monday, December 10, 2012


In English the personal pronoun I, has an egocentric connotation. Ipads, Iphones, Ipods, allow the individual, the possibility of being connected according to their own preferences with different information around the world; for each one, you have a different device.

During the social media course, I thought many times about the idea that in many ways cyber space provides us the possibility of getting involved in many connections in line with our personal interests, facilitating the idea that we are in a “shrinking world”.

The cyber era gave us more connected people via virtual space, but people disconnected from the real world. It up to us to chose the ways that all of those technological items could help to build a bridge, to share information, and to communicate in the best way. Our traditional methods of doing things are changing. Now the way we do things, even the way we think, needs to take into consideration the cyber field. The amount of new information available to all the people can be very helpful, but it must be organized and used in practical ways.
American values such as freedom and equality are behind this openness, this spirit of  discovery, continuing and enriching this information around the world, and providing more and more the possibility of transparent access to information on the web. Now all we can learn is in front of our screens, we have more access and also more responsibility to build better opportunities for our future generations.

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