Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hi! This is my first blog. I am a student pursuing EMPA at the Maxwell School in Syracuse University.   Enrolled for the course "Social media for the public sector", it gives me an opportunity to interact with you all.

I am from India and frankly speaking, my limited exposure to social media applications before joining this course was restricted to Facebook and You Tube. There are so many options available today, each with its own niche carved out for different application. This course would certainly enhance my knowledge of this field and may equip me to use these applications even beyond socialising in my professional life.

These applications are not seen for most of the Government organisations in India. But there is enormous scope for proactive organisations in the public sector to come out of the hesitation to use them and to take such initiatives and improve their interaction with citizens. There is of course a need to exercise caution in drafting the content. General guidelines for different agencies may be desirable to use these tools efficiently.

I look forward to a great semester ahead and I have a lot to learn from each one of you, particularly the youngsters, who appear to be well-informed and are quite comfortable using these social media options.

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