Monday, September 16, 2013


I am again excited by the thinking on the ideas of relationship among Government, civil society or global civil society and social media. Some of the points emerged in my mind are submitted for the appropriate suggestions and comments.

  1. Social media provides  excellent opportunities to share the views globally about the three interdependent spheres of real life i.e. state, market and society. Connect the concerned people easily.
  2. The speed of spreading the information is amazing but the veracity always or some time remains questionable. How it can be addessed?
  3. There are lots of cultural, social, economic diversity among and between southern and northern NGOs and their value systems, beliefs, process and economic strength. How can all the forms be connected? Whether social media can be tapped for that?
  4. As per my knowledge, UNO's certain organizations like UNESCO has some association or platform to work with certain NGO and like institute. But, there are large number of association and groups do not have access or exposure to the global level phenomenon. What can be done to address to these issues? Certain social media can provide platform to discuss and share the issues. What can be the strategy?
  5. Some people have started to see the dream of civil society as an option of state. However, ground level reality is that still many communities and sections of the larger global society struggle for the real economic and political freedom. Can civil society empower them and support them for their fundamental rights? By which means and what kind of social media will be helpful to them.
  6. There are many learning lessons are available with private, not for profit world organizations and associational life of the global society. How these intellectual property can be tapped and preserved through usage of social media.


  1. This sounds like an interesting idea for your final project!

  2. This sounds like an interesting idea for your final project!

  3. Thanks for your encouraging comments.