Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Social Media In Governance

It is really exciting to know that there are many agencies at the global level and organizational level dedicated to promote the use of social media for the sake of happiness and welfare of their clients, customer and citizens.

I am listening since my joining the class that it needs some policy decision and its implications on the part government organization.

But, to my mind, understanding and experiences, the use of social media is the need of the organization as well as citizens. We have to start with the kinds of information we are presently sharing! Just need to have little more aggression towards people friendly approach.

At the second stage, we may add more sharing and interacting after waiving the pros and cons. But I am sure that the experience Government Organizations will have will be fulfilling and satisfying to the involved employees.

I think, It is just a question of implementation of change in the organization.

i would like to have the comments from the fellow classmate and will take this discussion to a greater heights.

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  1. One way to approach this problem is to work with the government workforce to increase their digital literacy, help them understand how to use the tools, and integrate them into the standard operating procedures. What ideas do others have?