Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Personal social media strategy(PAI 730)Assignment 1

Develop your personal media policy, as a public service employee

Let me start the assignment with a clarification-what I understood from the written instruction about this assignment is that as a student I am expected to express my self that what would be my
my personal social media strategy as a public service employee. In fact, I am a senior officer in state government and working in chief minister office so even from any assumption sack I ,can not go beyond what I am.I know about "management style memo "but, in government, we use "Noting format" for expressing our views or for submission of any proposal.(in our country, in government business, we use word Memo-for a letter addressed to employee with reference to show cause notice in regard to  disciplinary actions him/her). In short, this is the draft  note I can submit to  chief minister, who is the highest decision making authority of the state.

Submitted for consideration and approval
 After formal approval of the state government ,the  undersigned had been at Syracuse university during which,was given training about "Social  media in public" sector also.as separately discussed at length, social media is being used by various government agenesis in USA which have given positive results in public administration so far, as experts say.
so far our state is also committed for public welfare and good governance, the following note is submitted for necessary decisions and actions.
1-The importance of social media may be properly recognized and in principal decision to introduce social media in public administration may be taken. Before taking such formal  decision, we may decide the dead lines or probable dates for starting such implementation too.
2 as we know many government departments have successfully implemented E governance plans. Based on their experiences and feedbacks, we may initiate this plan in specific sectors to kick start with.For example young generation is more acquainted with social media, so ,major schemes for youths of the state, like registration for employment can be implemented with additional facility of social media)
3-The chief Minister's office  being the highest political office of the state, the program me implemented by this office  ( S.W.A.G.A.T).is well recognized at world level too where a citizen's complain is heard by chief minister him self and the applicant can see the outcome on line This can have the added feature of social media as well.
4 once the in principle decision is taken, we can form a committee which may  consists senior secretaries of the government and media experts as well as technical experts of this field.
5-as I am using social media in personal capacity, I and my counter parts in different departments  may be permitted to use the same with my counter parts in other offices as well for non confidential matters.
 If details or clarifications is needed for any issue raised in above note or related to the subject the undersigned may be intimated.
                                                                                                                 (Chetan shukla)
                                                                                                                  /Joint Secretary

chief minister(through chief principal secretary to chief minister)

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