Wednesday, September 11, 2013

am i more sencitive or am foolish?

When ever we use computers let us remind ourselves that there are thousands of people in the world who can hardly get basic needs of their life like food/water/electricity /education and medical facilities-no,by any way I am not supporter of communalism ,but, I hardly enjoy any thing when my sensitivity reminds me: some one is hungry...coincidently today it is 11th sept....


  1. both the things are important, we cant stop all the progress till all the people are fed and cared the same time ur concern is also valid..

  2. You are very much true. Definitely your are sensitive. The world is on the constant path of progress. But from my eyes, at the same time, it is really not ignoring the basic need of people. you should enjoy the both, i.e. 'use what you have and give what you can to other'. it is the only way to live the joyful life. and the world is really a BIG BODY so you could help some-one but not to all... Do what ever you can and simultaneously enjoy the life....TAKE CARE...