Wednesday, September 11, 2013

is social media really useful to maintain relations with due depth and maturity....?

When ever I heard praise of social media, I hardly forget 2 things
1-a joke shared by my son with his friend before 2 years:
so, a joke!
one beggar was asking for food from one lady, the beggar said: give me a miscall when food is ready to be given"
The lady said-"see your social media site...............-I shall up date the status!

2- now a true story
an Indian girl, studying abroad,  name x was very active on her social media site-she had number of friends in and out side India'-unfortunately she lost her father who was staying in India-The girl's mother and relatives wanted her to return India with a care that she should not know about death of her father before she reaches India-the family requested one of their relative to pickup her and accompany her up to India-This relative, a mature person took care and booked tickets ,they were on verge to start journey-the girl asked the relative "is my father no more? "on a question how she came to know, she said" I got number of messages from my social media network consoling me ..........."

so social media may be the  blessings ,but, with the precondition of its use

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