Monday, September 16, 2013

Hallo, I'm Oleg! ..and I come from Moldova. My country is located in the Eastern Europe. But because Moldova was part of USSR, I am understanding the Russian world as well as the Western democratic values. My childhood passed in the Soviet Union and since my high-school years, I lived in the independent Moldova state. I also have a three-year experience of working in Odessa, Ukraine, which is the most cosmopolitan city in the former USSR. I took my license in 1998, in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. I studied finance, banks and stock exchanges. My professional career was focused on airline industry. For ten years I was in charge of the business development with the Moldovan flag carrier and with a private airline in Odessa. During this time, I accumulated a lot of experience in airline strategy, business planning, aircraft financing, management information systems. In 2009, I decided to shift to the public sector, being hired as head of Internal Audit at the Ministry of Transportation and Road Infrastructure of Moldova. My previous experience in the private sector came in very useful at the ministry, because I am focused on results, impact evaluation, efficiency. I tend to identify the most important problems and to draw attention to the available options to solve them. It took me little time to jump on the opportunity to complete my EMPA degree at Maxwell. I felt I need more knowledge about the public sector and Maxwell is one of the best schools in the world to learn about public administration. After graduation, I intend to return to Moldova and make my country a better place. Apart of work and studies, I have a lot of other interests. I love fancy foods and beverages and I often cook. I'm a big fan of classic rock and metal music: from Beatles to Megadeth and from Genesis to Iron Maiden. And I love soccer too, being a fan of London's Arsenal for more than two decades. I also enjoy playing poker or chess. I am quite present in the social media too, you may often find me in facebook. Looking forward to a great experience with #maxmedia13.


  1. Oleg, thanks for sharing your professional journal. We need to learn more from you how you transitioned from the private sector to the public sector.

  2. Thank you for a good idea about my next blog!