Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Paris attack and media

Paris attack recently has been one of the cruellest attacks by fundamentalist group. As it is clear from the news now that the attack has been planned by one of the fundamentalist group, ISIS, it has an objective to spread hatred and terror. No religion in the world spreads hatred and enmity rather all religion believes in peace and harmony. The attack carried by group has been misled by fundamentalist to disturb the peace of the world.
The role of French media both print and electronic in this matter of crisis has been exemplary. The whole attack was covered in an extraordinary manner which has not been seen in recent times across the globe. There was no reporting of any bloodshed or counter attack by police and defence or any kind of killing in the print media or electronic media. This restraint was self imposed and is worth praising. The bloodshed and counter attack only brings hatred among people and talking point for the people forgetting the actual tragedy and condemning it. This restraint by media and the government of France has brought the whole world together and shown how these things can be controlled in an effective way. Humankind and human losses, the care and blessing it needs are much more important than these unnecessary bloodshed reporting and hatred. It also helps in nullifying the objective these terrorist might be having of spreading terror and hatred. May all media and government in other countries learn a lesson from France and follow it.

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