Thursday, December 3, 2015

Infographics on Social Media

I’m a great fan of infographics. I believe that they can teach us a lot in very little time and if they are done well it means that you’ll be more likely retain the information provided. As the social media world keeps on growing exponentially is hard to follow which new platform is emerged and which one we should be using. Your decision to use some platforms instead of another depends in sector that you are in and in which public you are trying to reach. This is when a good infographic come in handy. As we have learned in class there are many more regulations for public sector agencies than for NGOs or corporations, but is always good to have the data in which we can base our decision to use a certain platform.

There are thousands of social media infographics out there. You can find them related specifically to a country, or t any particular interest you have. Below I am sharing with the class the ones that have been more useful for me and others that I think are more relevant to those of you interest in the pursuing a career in the public sector.

1. I thought this one is very interesting for the public sector. The info is based in UK government agencies but I still think the information is useful. 

12. This one is relevant for every sector, as it presents the most important social media trends of 2015.(Source: )

23. This is my personal favorite since it demonstrates the different uses of the major social media platforms in the U.S. and their most important data.

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