Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Turkey Highlights Social Media in Recent Information Society Strategy

Turkey has adopted its Information Society Strategy and Action Plan for the period of 2015-2018 by the first quarter of this year. It covers eight priority areas pertaining to information society policies including e-government. Not surprisingly, mobile service delivery and usage of social media in public services has been addressed and an action to this effect is declared to the public.

According to Strategy, in order to utilize mobile technologies and social media opportunities effectively a social media guide for public agencies will be prepared, prioritized services will be moved to mobile platform with a schedule and mobile services and social media usage will steadily be developed taking users’ requests into consideration.

In reality a considerable number of public agencies are already using social media in order to reach citizens with their own efforts and without any further guidance and support from central organizations unlike the example of USA.

Although wording of the Strategy is encouraging most people both in Turkey and outside remember Turkish government’s attitude towards social media platforms rather as hostile due to a number of shutdown including YouTube and Twitter. This raises a question, actually a difficult one that if Turkish government really wants to exploit the benefits of social media tools or not in order to communicate with its people and to improve public services.

Considering the Strategy document has been put into implementation with the decision of one of the top decision taking mechanisms in Turkey, namely High Planning Council headed by Prime Minister himself it seems they really do want.

Let’s wait and see! Or not wait but work and see!

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