Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Expected Influence of the Social Media
             The world has changed from the year 2004. Before that time, traditional media such as TV and radio had powerful influence on the people and enabled the way people think and behave to change. However, paradigm has changed after then. Various social media such as Facebook, Instragram and Twitter has replaced them. News is also true. How traditional media can be the response in situations where social news is pouring out faster and more accurately? Web sites and even blogs make way for social news. That is, cooperation and collaboration on such information such as Tagging, RSS subscriptions will gradually become a natural trend and information is going to be customized

             People have also changed. Job seekers up to the age of 38 in the United States is said to have a job in an average of 10 to 18. The idea for the work now so changed from the existing. Experience is focused, the contract is introduced and independence is strengthened. A organizational structure will be more horizontal and the way they work also will change. The role to share your thoughts with each other and finds the idea of collecting them will be emphasized. As center will be disappeared, peripheral role will be strengthening and as a result, each other is one of the points. CEOs of companies are likely to be interested in the media having a broad audience and accustomed only to corresponding to it. However, Internet does not distinguish between mainstream and fringe activities. Rather both is often connected together via the Internet.

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