Wednesday, December 9, 2015

PBWorks: Making it as easy as…

Okay! Here comes a confession. When our professor asked us to develop a wiki for our class presentation about wikis we were a little bit shocked. Our inner voice was like “What! Are we supposed to develop a wiki and we have only one week for that?!!”. However, it did not took too much time to get rid of our fear. When we looked at PBWorks, that our professor suggested, we saw the possibility of developing a wiki within minutes and like a hot knife through butter.

Actually their original name was PeanutButterWiki arising from the idea that they wanted making a wiki is as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich. They surely did it. They deserved the name and no longer need it!

They have a number of products customized for different customer profiles like agencies, new businesses, educational purposes, etc. and it seems so far it has already been used and tested by customers differing in nature.

If anyone is interested or in need of a collaborative content management tool, I suggest PBWorks. It is available through webpage. They are serving on a freemium base, meaning you can use a number of their services for free and if you would like to enjoy further functionalities or existing functionalities with more capacity you have to pay for it.

PBWorks software is available only in English for now. This suggestion goes for them: Do not deprive the rest of the World from enjoying an easy collaborative content creation.

We are all knowledge workers. Why not work with fun and enjoyment!..


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