Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Effect of global warming on climate change: Responses from signing countries

Global warming and its effect on climate change has been a long lasting debate without any much wanted measures to be taken to minimise it. There are reports of temperature of the globe rising by 1.5 0 c and supposed to rise by 2 0 c in next 30 years by the scientists working in this area. The main reason for this rise in temperature is said to be due to green house gases emission in the atmosphere which is released by CFCs in refrigerator, methane, traditional cooking method or so. It may result in losses of major glacier drying the river system across the globe. The occurrence of unprecedented rain, frequent drought, increase in hurricanes are said to be the outcome of global warming and climate change.
All the countries came together at one platform to cut down the green house gases and reduce the emissions so that the effect of global warming is reduced. But the commitment has not been translated into action by many countries. The recent Confederation of Parties (COP) in Paris on climate change and global warming has been 22nd in row without much commitment from any countries. Developing and underdeveloped countries are arguing having less per capita emission and developed countries going for less total green house emission and sticking to it. Developing and underdeveloped countries need latest technologies available with developed countries to reduce the green house emission while developed countries needs to take a leader role in showing statesmanship in tackling this global forum. There has been self controlled declaration by few countries of cutting green house gases but global understanding and agreement again was absent in this COP 22. It is time to see the catastrophic incident of incessant rain, snow storm and frequent drought across the globe and come to an agreement where the larger purpose of cooling the mother earth is undertaken in a holistic way. Otherwise the existence of very human will be in danger.

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