Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Chennai floods in India brought the people together

Chennai is the one of the ancient city of India situated at the coast of Bay of Bengal. It has beautiful white sand beaches and is the capital of southern state of India, Tamilnadu. The city received unprecedented rain in the last few days bringing it to stand still. All communication network including Rail, Air, Road, Mobile went out of order. All areas were flooded with water almost touching the first floors of building. People were worried about their relations being safe as no news were coming out of Chennai. Residents were having a tough time saving the lifes and reaching a safe place besides food, water and other essential things.
Residents of Chennai in this matter of crisis showed a great restrain and humanity in managing the crisis by helping each other. People from all religion came on one platform and helped the people. No matter if the needy are Muslim, Christian, Hindu all of them came forward and helped in this crisis situation. Not long back there was a lot of talk of intolerance in media, social media in India about different communities but all of that was of no importance in this matter of grave crisis the city was facing. There has been no reporting of rioting, looting or any kind of anti social activities in these days. There has only been reporting of people’s participation, helping hand across communities, providing food and shelter by those who can provide with whole hearted welcoming the strangers as if they know them since long. The resident of Chennai has shown what true India means. India is a country where all religion lives in peace, people are tolerant about each other religion and belief and always consider them as one family. Hats off to the city of Chennai for showing the country its true culture which was being doubted by some ill motivated citizens not long back.

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