Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Political Power of the Social Media

             The emergence of social media has brought about many changes in our lives. It has recently been used as a means of promoting more effectively in politics. Barack Obama could win the 2008 US presidential election, by introducing a web strategy that combines offline and SNS as widely known in the world. He went closer to the voters to take advantage of the popular social media such as Facebook and Twitter from the early campaign. At that time, social media has been used as a tool for sharing information and gathering political opinions and social networking is currently being continued in the White House website. US presidential election showed social media can awaken the democratic potential in elections and the fact that low levels of online activity was linked to political participation offline was verified. Similarly, it was also confirmed that social media can be a effective tool of political participation to make a young generation participate in the politics. After that time, various social media tools have been widely used as a means of promotion in Korean election. Most Koreans use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Blog. Particularly, Twitter is used as the most effective political tool in Korea. Actually, Choi, Moon-sun, the candidate for the governor of Gangwon-do was the biggest beneficiary of social media in last local election. Some people are afraid that policies are likely to be altered by populism and incorrect public opinion may be formed according to the will of politicians. However, the social media developed Korean politics and enabled the Public to have a strong political power.

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