Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Importance of smile in life

It is essential to know what is important in life, material pleasure or happiness. Life was simple, fun loving, stress free and full of pleasure when modern world of material worthiness was absent from our life. The advent of newer technology, modern devices like computer, internet, and smart phones were supposed to make the life simple which it did but we used it in such a way making our life complicated and stressed. We forget something called judicious use of devices and optimise it as per need. As a result smile eluded from our face bringing misery to our health and thinking.
Smile and laughter are among the many things researcher have found to be stress busters. It cleans the soul and makes you healthy and your soul pious. Do you ever see any poster in paediatrics department of any medical colleges or hospitals of a child crying or thinking? Definitely not, you will always find posters of child smiling and laughing. That is even All Mighty wants you to smile and laugh although he brings you to this world crying. That is the essence of life. You wake up in the morning and share happiness, smile and laughter with your family members and see how the day progresses. It passes off wonderfully and most satisfying. It provides you the great sense of belongings to this world. It is said laughter opens the path to connect you from God. Your soul belongs to all mighty and He wants you to be always smiling. Smile and laughter has chain reaction and a smile on your face can bring smile on other persons face too. That’s the power it has. Can all of us follow these simple wishes of all mighty and keep smiling always to bring happiness to us and all other persons close to us. I am sure all of us want to lead a healthy and memorable life full of smile and laughter so spread the message of smile wherever you can.
            Happy Smiling.

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