Saturday, September 12, 2015

The "Donate Now" button

The visibility and impact of several NGOs all over the world. A phenomenon that as a journalist I want to delve during the year I will be studying at Maxwell. For years I have been a storyteller of the most important issues that affect my country, Chile. However behind the scenes. I have seen the dissatisfaction of my fellow citizens from the government that they once supported, the increase in the activity of social movements that draw crowds to demand better health, education and security, and injustices that the whole system generates in ordinary people who just cry out for a better quality of life; hence my need and desire to contribute more directly in the discussion, not only by recounting events from the platform of a newspaper. So, what is social media doing to contribute as an active actor in the international scenario? How can I use them in order to satisfy my needs as a journalist? We all have been witnesses of the actual refugee’s crisis that is taking place all over the world. Another issue that make me want to know more about what is doing social media, governments, citizens and NGOs to lead with this terrible situation. Yesterday I read an article about a new initiative launched by Facebook in order to help nonprofit organizations in seeking to gather more followers to their struggles and raise awareness among users of this social network. This is the “Donate Now” button. A good way to support more directly these organizations in their fight and to contribute with at least a grain of sand. But much remains to be done…  

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