Monday, September 14, 2015

Email vs Direct Mail (Letters)

Email vs Direct Mail (Letters):

Today in the era of technology, there are many ways to convey the messages. In the pre web era, one of the most popular method to send the massages was writing a letter to the near and dear ones. In the offices also all the instructions/ circulars/ notifications/ orders etc.  used to be issued in the form of letters. In most of the offices this practice is still being followed. With the advent of internet and web technology, emails as the way to communicate the instructions has become quite popular. Both medium of sending information has its own advantages/ disadvantages. For example sending the information in the letter form is time consuming while email is very fast and quick. Direct mail is considered to be safe and secure where email is not. Direct mail is costly whereas email has negligible cost. In the government offices, still the letters/ direct mail is being preferred over the emails.

Difference between Internet and the Web:

As I know, internet is network of computers or servers connected with each others. The network of computers can communicate with each others. The web (world wide web) is method to use these network of computers or servers. It is a models built on the top of internet to share the information.

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