Sunday, September 27, 2015

Short memo on difference between politician and celebrity's Twitter account

I think that there are some differences between politician and celebrity's Twitter account.

In terms of politicians' account like Barack Obama (, most of all, they tend to mainly use word "We," "Our," while other private Twitter accounts more use "I," "he or she or they." I think this is because politicians often deal with policies that are related to "our" lives and they also want to show that they are with us.

Second, they use many statistics, I think they often mention very detailed policy, so they need to show that the policy that they propose is more scientific and trustful.

Third, their accounts are more formal. I feel that they are less humorous and more serious. I think this is because they need to set up their images more gracefully. I fully understand why they do that, but sometimes is it good for them to give us pleasure, as well?

On the contrary, many celebrities' accounts have a lot of gossips, while politicians do not. There are a lot of stories about fashion, humor, our episode that common people can be more interested in.

Second, sometime there are commercial promotion like Game of War. So I can feel this account is more informal and familiar.

Third, many people leave messages and twit more. So I think that this has more active communication with others and it is likely that people feel more comfortable in this accounts than politicians' one.

Any, I will discuss more at tomorrow's class!

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