Sunday, September 13, 2015

Text message Vs Kakao Talk

             I am going to introduce ‘Kakao Talk’ that is one of the most famous web in Korea. This web is a global free mobile message service that started from 2010. Most of the Korean young people prefer using this web to using a text message because the web is convenient to use and has various functions. Like other countries, Korean used text messages before the invention of a smartphone. However, the advent of the smartphone brought about a revolution of telecommunication and enabled various social network services such as Cyworld, Facebook and Twitter to emerge.
             Text message could not satisfy the high desire of consumers in this circumstances. Text message can be used only when 2 persons telecommunicated. In addition, it is inconvenient to send a massive mail and picture. It has a limit as a SNS tools, so Kakao Talk has replaced it. Anyone who has a telephone number can do chatting and exchange pictures, video and things like that without enrolling in and logging in the web. Unlike a text message, many people can do chatting simultaneously by it. Moreover, it enables people to make a call to domestic or foreign friends for nothing as long as wifi works. When I went to the Paris last year, I actually could talk with my wife for 1 hour free of charge by the web. Besides, It gives various services such as games and story recently.
             I think that Internet is a network that connects computers, whereas web is a technology to provide services on the Internet.

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