Friday, September 11, 2015

Facebook Vs Pen pals

Facebook as a social networking service has become by far the most popular and useful means to create, develop and foster relationships between people across the globe. Anybody with a regular internet connection can register on the website and start sharing instant text messages, pictures popularly known as "selfies", audio clips or even video-calls with friends. By end of August 2015, number of its registered users has crossed 1.8 billion. The more traditional system of Pen pals or Pen friendship has relied on technology of snail mail made possible through courier services like Airmail ® and more recently through Internet. Pen pals get in touch with each other through exchange of memos, letters, souvenirs or gifts . Pen pal clubs can also be found on the Internet, in magazine columns, newspapers, and sometimes through clubs or special interest groups. Aims and objectives of both systems have been the same: to bond with people from diverse places and backgrounds, to learn about their habits, cultures and styles of life and make long- term associations. Communication in Pen pals is lengthy, arduous and sometimes very frustrating, in case the letters remain undelivered. In terms of delivery, Facebook is pretty reliable most of the times. However, owing to its commercial nature and ease of access, it has also been subject to misuse in several instances of false identity or fraud. Pen pals, on the other hand, being more personalized and formal way of contact is less prone to fraud or identity theft. In any case, future of friendship belongs to Facebook. 

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