Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crisis management in Korea's social media: Public Safety Map

With efforts to address the safety problem in our daily lives, Korea plans to devise a crime map, what is called, 'Public Safety Map', as one of the  Government 3.0 projects. Nowadays safety problem, kind of crime or theft, traffic accidents, school violence and  sexual assault, happen occasionally. For the society without crime, government makes the map that displays the region of taking place the crime. The producing of map will be progressing after choosing pilot region this year, reviewing performance of crime rate.

This trial follows the example of San Francisco city, which produced crime map of predicting the possibility of crime, by analyzing the pattern of crime, frequency of crime, and the region to happen crime last 8 years. The test result shows 71% of high correlation between a crime rate and the region to happen crime in the near future.
This map is based on big data that government has and produce for the public activities. Moreover, Korea government plans to develop 'Safety Index', which indicates the current extent of damage, crime shape classified by region or category.

Public safety map will be distributed to the public and encourage each local government to inspire the active role for the neighborhood safety, to understand the seriousness of crime status in region. We expect that regional society, NGO participate in the effort to secure of neighborhood safety together. The map is uploaded on the internet, website or mobile app, and enables the citizen to see the region of crimes, to report the case when they undergo emergent situation and to connect automatically police or public institution relevant.

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