Monday, April 8, 2013

Collaboration between government and company in

I have some questions to ask to power users in digital world.
More governments, especially local governments, start to adopt Participation 2.0 model in online environment as a channel to communicate with citizens. plays a critical role to widespread the conceptual framework responsive to citizen's voice on a neighborhood  basis. They did the right thing in behalf of public sector and I  am thankful for their earnest efforts in perspective of citizen.

However, there is overlapping domain, collision to authority, and dispute over jurisdiction, thinking of the desirable role between local governments and SeeClickFix which was founded by businessmen not by government.  As a founder of SeeClickFix mentioned, Boston city developed their unique participation platform, 'Citizen Connect' as a channel of tw0-way communication between local government and citizen.
Maybe, Citizen Connect was copied or duplicated by the 'SeeClickFix' model for the purpose of  getting independent platform to communicate with citizens directly. But, many people confuse which one is more accessible to their demand to fix the problem between Citizen connect or SeeClickFix. For example, whenever Boston city received citizen's asking from SeeClickFix, the city can hesitate to take a direct action for the asking, otherwise the city would respond right away. Rather, the city desires to deal with the issue from the citizen directly prior the one from SeeClickFix because of available time and budget constraints.

Another problem to raise is that governments are likely to accept that SeeClickFix's operation invades their jurisdiction; only governments have responsible for listening and responding on public issue like fix the not-emergency problem in daily lives. They might felt intervened by private sector unjustly since they don't understand truly meaning of participation 2.0 as well as lack of technical literacy. What is possible alternative to win-win over the relationship or service of the two?  What is federal government's role and action to facilitate the collaboration between state or local government to SeeClickFix ?

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